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The Best Floor Waxing and Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your business clean and tidy, WJ's Ultimate Industrial Cleaning & Floors, LLC, is the company to hire. Based in Schenectady, New York, we provide a vast range of commercial flooring services that are sure to make your home or facility look like new.

Mop and Bucket

An All-Inclusive Clean

We provide the ultimate commercial service at a reasonable price that meets your budget, and our flexible hours fit your schedule. We work hard to provide a thorough cleaning job for everything inside and outside, including:

Dusting | Wiping Counters | Sterilizing Bathrooms | Emptying Trash | Replacing Trash Bags | Vacuuming | Mopping

Full Service for Wood Floors

Keep your floors buffed and shined with our full-service floor cleaning. We strip and wax all floors by removing the old coating and applying three new layers. Afterwards, we maintain it by shining and buffing it on a regular basis. For industrial floors, it takes five to seven days to clean them properly. Your clients will be floored by how clean and shiny every room looks.

How often you need this depends on the amount of foot traffic your floors get. Our reasonable prices are based on the size of the floor. We work within your budget and offer a number of money-saving contract rates.

Get Cleaner Carpets

Your carpets will look brand new after we clean them. We remove all the dirt with shampooing and soaping for industrial and commercial carpets and rugs. Call us whenever you need them cleaned. Everything we do is professional, thorough, and meets your budget, with pricing based on the size of your carpet.